Professional Drain Cleaning In Lakewood, CO

Do you need a drain cleaning service at your home? Are you struggling with toilets or sinks that won't stop clogging? Knight Plumbing LLC has effective drain cleaning solutions that come at reasonable costs.

Our team of drain cleaning experts clear drains quickly so you can get back to your day. Stop letting backed up drains mess with your plans. Call us right away to schedule a service call with a plumber in Lakewood, CO.

The Need For Professional Drain Cleaning

When plunging doesn't work to clear a clogged toilet or sink, you need tougher solutions. Instead of using liquid drain cleaner, which isn't great for your pipes, call for professional drain cleaning services. These can address the root of the problem and keep your drains cleaner for longer.

Types Of Drain Cleaning

At Knight Plumbing LLC, we use different drain cleaning methods depending on the severity and the location of the clog. For small clogs that haven't made their way in the sewer pipe, we use our drain snaking tool. This tool is an auger that's on a long cord that we push through your pipes and drill through thick clogs. Drain snaking is ideal for kitchen and bathroom sink clogs, toilet clogs, and some floor drain clogs.

More serious clogs such as sewer clogs require a different approach. For these situations, we water-jetting or hydro-jetting equipment gets the job done better. Hydro jetting is a drain cleaning method that uses pressurized water to break apart and rinse away years of built-up waste and other debris in sewer pipes. Think of it like power washing your sewer lines.

One of the benefits of hydro jetting for drain cleaning in Lakewood, CO, is that it's highly effective on all kinds of sewer pipes. It works well in clearing clogs from PVC pipes, cast-iron, and clay. It's a powerful solution, but it's also a gentle, chemical-free solution that protects older pipes. That is why we recommend this solution as well as other plumbing services in Lakewood, CO.

Signs Of A Clogged Drain

Would you be able to spot the signs of a clogged drain? There are some problems that are obvious, but others tend to be more subtle. Here are some signs that you have drainage issues that need the services of a drain cleaning company:

Toilets that bubble or gurgle
Slow draining toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, or floor drains
Bad odors coming from drains
Sewage water backing up in toilets or sinks
Water spewing from a cleanout

Rely On Knight Plumbing For Drain Cleaning In Lakewood, CO

Never plunge a toilet or other drain that has sewage water coming from it. Call a plumber immediately for this problem. We can use a hand-held auger to cut through a shallow clog. Don't rely on household plumbing tools, as these won't do the trick, you need to call for professional drain cleaning services. The sooner you call for services, the faster you can fix the problem.

We also specialize in water heater repair and water filtration services in the local area.

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