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Knight Plumbing LLC can help you get the ideal water for home use. You can benefit from our water filtration services that guarantee you the cleanest water that is safe for drinking. In addition to that, we use products that don't contaminate the valuable commodity. When you need quality services from a trusted plumber in Highlands Ranch, CO, we are the team that can get the job done.

What Is Water Filtration?

Typically, water filtration entails removing various substances in the liquid, such as particles, fungi, bacteria, and algae. The process also gets rid of parasites and toxic chemicals that have negative health issues. In short, the procedure involves extracting all the contaminants so that your water can be ideal for drinking and washing as well.

Types Of Water Filtration

Water filtration in Highlands Ranch, CO, falls into various categories that we can use to purify the liquids. Please have a look at the types of water filtration that we offer in detail.

Sediment filtration - It involves the use of sediment filters to remove rust, chemicals, sand, and heavy metals. The water filtration system works ideally since the filter traps all the particles on the surface. Essentially, it captures substances that are 1 micron and above in size.
Reverse osmosis (RO) - It utilizes a semi-permeable membrane to filter out contaminants and other parasites in the water. Reverse osmosis also gets rid of the harmful chemicals that are present in your drinking water. It is effective since our experts optimize five stages during the procedure.
Distillation - We also offer water filtration services that use distillation as the primary method to remove unwanted substances. It is a traditional technique that entails boiling, evaporation and cooling off water to ward off impurities.
Ion-exchange - The water filtration method softens water by replacing sodium with calcium and magnesium. This way, when you use the water for your laundry, the clothes will not have those white lines or patches. We use specialized equipment to eliminate the hardness of the liquid that is harmful to heart health.
Ultraviolet disinfection - The process uses UV rays energy to kill waterborne elements that cause harm to your body. Our professionals pass the water through UV lamps that destroy or deactivate the parasites. In addition to that, it takes out all the sediments to give you pure water.
Carbon filtration - The procedure uses two types of filters, which are activated carbon and granular as well. Our plumbers use them for water filtration in Highlands Ranch, CO. They work by removing chlorine's color and taste in the liquid. Additionally, they trap microorganisms that live naturally in water.
Activated alumina - It extracts fluoride, thallium, arsenic, and selenium from tap water. What' more, we use it to complement other filters that can remove any suspending particles. The method is the best for removing all the dangerous metals in water.

Benefits Of Our Services

For starters, we provide comprehensive services that range from water filtration installation, repairs, and maintenance as well. If you already have the equipment, you can rely on our experts who have extensive training to fix the problems if it has malfunctioned. If it is beyond repair, we will help you with water filtration replacement immediately.

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