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A clogged drain can be anything from a minor annoyance to a major headache with a high price tag. Don't let a small plumbing problem turn into a large one. For drain cleaning services in Centennial, CO, don't hesitate to call Knight Plumbing LLC for expert help.

Drain Cleaning 101

Over time, all sorts of things find their way into your home's pipes. Hair, oil, sediment, and grime can build up over time. Eventually, these clog drains, slowing down the flow of water.

Cleaning drains involves removing all that buildup. Sometimes, people opt to use home solutions like a plunger, pouring vinegar down the drain with baking soda, or store-bought chemicals. These can work on smaller problems, but sometimes backfire and cause greater damage. Proper home maintenance involves calling a professional.

A professional drain cleaning company will have a number of tools and techniques at their disposal to clear the clog. Before doing anything, your plumber will assess your needs, and make sure you fully understand what work needs to be done.

Signs And Causes Of Clogging

Slow draining - The first sign of a clogged drain that people usually notice is when their water drains slowly. If you see that it's taking longer than usual for your water to drain, that could be a sign of a clog.
Odd sounds - Can you hear gurgling sounds in your pipes? It might be time to call a drain cleaning company.
Unpleasant smells - A bad smell coming from your drain could indicate a serious problem. You'll definitely want to call Knight Plumbing for our drain cleaning services.
Multiple or frequent clogs - If you get clogs often, or you notice that you're having similar problems in more than one spot, it's time to call in the experts.

Types Of Drain Cleaning

If you make the call to Knight Plumbing for any drain cleaning in Centennial, CO, our highly-skilled professionals will assess your needs, and use the best procedure to get your home back in good working order.

Hydro jetting - This is a process that uses a special nozzle with pressurized water to clear out clogs in your pipes. Since it relies purely on water pressure, it's considered a "green" option.
Drain snaking - No animals will be harmed if your plumber employs a snake to clear your drain. This method uses a long, flexible metal pole to reach blockages. It will then poke a hole in the blockage. There is also an auger attached to this tool. It uses a hook to catch items in the pipe and pull them out.
Root removal - Sometimes, a tree is at the root of your drainage problems. If you need drain cleaning in Centennial, CO because of a tree, our plumbers are skilled in removing this headache. We'll get your drains running clear again.

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