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Water Filtration 101

A water filtration unit has various components that remove pollutants and particles that contaminant a water supply. Some of the pollutants in water are noticeable, and others are invisible. There are also substances that can change how to tap water tastes.

The latest water filtration units can get rid of the most common pollutants using one filter. An average system for a faucet can extract chlorine, sediment, bacteria, and particles.

Types Of Water Filtration

Many water filtration units have a unique type of filter. The filter is the selling point because it manages the water quality. We install and repair water filtration systems that use a

Activated carbon filter: This filter can effectively block pollutants that give water a foul odor and an odd taste. It produces consistent results by targeting multiple organic compounds in water. When the pollutants touch the filter, they adhere to the carbon material.
Reverse osmosis filter: Reverse osmosis is a process that involves advanced water purification methods. A reverse osmosis system basically interacts with a permeable membrane in order to extractions and particles that are found in drinking water.
UV filters: Ultraviolet filters destroy pollutants on a genetic level. Water filtration systems that use these filters are highly recommended because they can eliminate many harmful microorganisms that contaminate a water supply.

Hard Water Problems

Soft water has a better consistency than hard water. In communities where hard water is the only option, water filtration units are helpful because they can change hard water into soft water. Without a water filtration system, hard water can

Produce soap scum: Soap scum can decrease water flow. It forms on faucets, drains, and other surfaces when calcium and magnesium invade a water supply.
Clog pipes: Hard water leaves thick layers called scale deposits on pipe walls. These layers can cause pipe clogs. The substances that create the layers build up inside of pipes when hard water reaches a high temperature. Heat makes the water evaporate, and this process forms the scale deposits.
Reduce suds: During a normal laundry cycle, a chemical reaction happens when detergent is combined with water. However, this reaction doesn't occur when laundry detergent is mixed with hard water. In hard water, there are contaminants that interfere with the chemicals in a detergent that generates soap suds.

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